The Rennes Etudiants Club Aviron, association founded in 1999, is a rowing club which mainly welcomes students and young adults. After 10 years, the club counts about a hundred members amongst which 40% are female.

The main objectives of the club are to provide a high quality learn-to-row course in order for the novice rowers to rapidly be autonomous, be able to compete and get involved in the club's life. When a crew is formed, volunteer coaches within the club train them following the national guidelines issued by the French Rowing Federation (FFSA) for training planning and rowing technique. Priority is given to longer boats such as 4x- and 4-. The REC Aviron also allows already experienced students with similar abilities to row and compete together. The crews take part not only in "inland" rowing competitions (heads of river races and regattas) but also in coastal rowing races. Recently acquired boats provide the members with an appropriate fleet for both sea and river rowing activities.

The club is regularly opened 7 times a week. Additional training sessions are also organised for autonomous crews who are preparing competitions. Trained coaches (by the French Federation / who have a professional coaching certification) form an experienced core which leads and influences the main coaches' team. Everyone within the club is welcomed to coach with their knowledge of rowing. We row on a 3200-meter river, exclusively used by rowers and canoeists, which is calm and regular. Our 20-boat fleet allows novices and competitors to row in good conditions.

The boathouse is situated near the town center and is 5 minutes away by bike from the the university campus (Rennes 1, INSA, Supelec...). The second university campus (Rennes 2) is a bit further but a 20-minute bike ride will get you to the center of the campus. Saint Malo, which is the closest location for us to row on the sea, is an hour away by car. We frequently organise week-ends and training camps in partnership with Saint Malo Coastal Rowing Club on the rowers requests.

Rennes is a 200.000-inhabitants city (capital of Brittany) which is known to be an young and energetic city (60.000 students); Rennes is also famous for its cultural dynamism. Transports are good to go across town (bus and tube), it is also really easy to ride a bike in Rennes because of the wide and flat roads.

Welcome to Rennes!

Welcome to the REC Aviron!